Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meaning, Ontology and Anti-Realism Handout

      1)     ~ ($x) x is a colored physical object.
2)     ($x) x is a colored physical object.
3)     ~ ($x) x is a chair & x is blue.
4)     There is a blue chair in the attic.
5)     We don’t know what we mean when we engage in vernacular utterances like   4).
6)     There are seven people in the room but only six chairs.
7)     There was a severe sugar-shortage in Moscow this winter.
8)     Some shapes (i.e., shape properties) are uninstantiated.
9)     There is a possibility that James will come.
10)  The statement that James will come is not certainly false.
11)  ($x) x is a possibility.
12)  ($x) x is a sugar-shortage.
13)  There is a brown cow in the barn.
14)  There is a meaning which can be given to his remarks.
15)  His remarks can be understood in a certain way.
16)  The direction of a is the same as the direction of b.           
17)  Line a is parallel to line b.
18)  The number of Fs is the same as the number of Gs.
19)  There are just as many Fs as Gs.

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